Grandfather Aurelio always said, “You can only make bad wine from bad grapes, but with good grapes you can make either good wine or bad wine.” That is why we know that we have a great responsibility: from the meticulous work in the vineyard, to the commitment in the cellars, the wine must be worthy of these lands. We are a family, but in the company each of us has our own role based on experience and professional skills.

We are a family but each of us plays a specific role in the company, according to our experience and professional skills. Beppe, Aurelio and Liggia’s son is the general manager. His wife, Maria, is irreplaceable in the cellars and in the vineyard. Their daughter, Annalisa, has a degree in Economics and is responsible for management promotion, while her brother, Daniele, is an enotechnician and works in the cellars with their father.


We are part of the history of this corner of Piemonte, with our love of the land, dedication and skills handed down through the generations. Two centuries ago, in the mid-nineteenth century, Felice, our ancestor was already exporting wine to America.

The wooden barrels were sent across the ocean by ship. We are proud of our origins and we know that we owe a great deal to our grandparents Aurelio and Liggia. The family was numerous and it was difficult to stay together, but they took the reins and in the nineteen-thirties, they gave us an inestimable inheritance: a profession that we consider a privilege.


To transmit a cultural heritage through the generations: this is tradition.

UNESCO has defined our lands as “the living witness to the historical traditions of wine making”, we are honored to carry on the practice, protecting and respecting the environment. This is one of the reasons our company refuses to use weed killers in the vineyards, a happy compromise for the future of our land. Continual innovation in the cellars contrast with customs that we do not want to renounce: cultivation by hand, limited use of sulphites and time spent in aging the wines in barrels of French oak.

Innovation and experimentation accompany our work to make products of the highest quality, meeting the tastes of the most discerning customers, without betraying the teachings that our family has handed down.